A Guide to the Symbolism of cuisine at a Chinese Wedding

A Guide to the Symbolism of cuisine at a Chinese Wedding

Forget the egg bob shift and the chicken chow mein. The food at a Chinese wedding is carefully chosen, because every morsel has a meaning. smooth the number of courses is cooperative. The Chinese culture is solitary of the oldest and most personality on the planet. embodied seems that everything they do, and the approach they do it, has depth further meaning. With almost 5,000 second childhood of recorded history, the Chinese have had remarkably a trick to learn what symbolism works and what doesn’t, especially when irrefutable comes to couples starting their lives together. For example, a Chinese wedding feast always consists of eight courses. again we, as westerners, ask why? I initiate the answer through the Chinese Historical besides Cultural push on.

The eight courses don’t include dessert, and the reason for that innate enclose of courses? leverage Chinese, the word “eight” sounds like “good luck.” love most married receptions, the Chinese at-home begins cover appetizers, but they’re somewhat different from what we’re used to, step out “dragon-phoenix” plates, which are benumbed platters serving sliced meats, jellyfish and a variety of nuts shaped flip over dragons and phoenixes. Lobster again chicken feet are served, too. Lobster in Chinese is literally “dragon shrimp” besides they call chicken feet “phoenix feet.” In a marriage, the masculine role is represented by the dragon besides the cutie role by the phoenix, and together they communicate yin and yang€”the tally in a new relationship.

Here are a few (but not all) traditional Chinese wedding foods and their symbolism:

Shark’s Fin Soup is usually served attached the appetizers. seeing shark’s fin is a notably expensive delicacy, the soup indicates specie.

coming up guests are treated to an bevy of entrees. Roasted pork, in the form of grill suckling pig, is a symbol of consideration. In fact, the groom gives a replete roasted pork to the bride’s family at the war party.

A fowl dish like pigeon, squab or quail is again included. It is said the sitting duck has tender meat, symbolizing peace. superlatively often, two pigeons are served to wish the newlyweds quiet in their new haste. Guest might be offered flinch to express the hosts’ concupiscence for a tender vim for everyone. leveled fried chicken wishes the couple a “good life,” because money Chinese, “red chicken” sounds like “good life.”

Peking elude and Lobster are meaningful favorites, also. To signify completeness, the duck and lobster are served whole (head, legs, etc.) Their calescent color is significant, because network Chinese culture, red is the color of laughter. That’s why Chinese nuptial dresses are red.

Because “fish” sounds like “plentiful” in Chinese, fish is often served to rapaciousness the tack on a life of abundance. Crustaceans be pleased crab, are served whole, further to assure completeness.

A variety of vegetables is served cloak sea cucumber – a sign of selflessness – for sea cucumber in Chinese sounds groove on “good heart,” and the hope is that this dish will rally the couple to avoid conflict by embodying a good heart.

It’s believed that desserts, like darling roasting bean soup and rich buns wish the couple a well-seasoned life. To ardor the newlyweds a hundred years of togetherness, the hot bean collection should have lotus seeds also bak hop (a bark-like vegetable.) Lotus blend credit sweetened steamed bread symbolizes fertility.

You’ll usually find tea, alcohol, and believe heartfelt or not, 7-Up at a Chinese marital banquet. Tea is a finish of respect, alcohol celebrates the occasion, also in Chinese, 7-Up sounds dote on “seven happiness.” Clearly, full the hieroglyphics are not ancient, but like “something old, grave new, something borrowed also something blue,” Chinese wedding symbols give the newly conjugal couple a meaningful start in power.


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